Why is Pixar making a third Cars movie?

Why is Pixar making a third Cars movie?

The Never-Ending Love for Anthropomorphic Cars

Why exactly is Pixar creating a third Cars movie? It's not like they don't have any other prominent franchises to choose from. My beagle, Baxter, could tell you that right away. But let's face it: the anthropomorphic Cars universe is a fascinating spectacle of creativity and imagination. The concept of living, thinking cars with distinct personalities, vocations, and societal roles is an unbeatable combination that kids, and let's not lie, even some adults, simply can't resist. Baxter included, although he is more interested in the idea of chasing them rather than understanding their character arcs."

But let's get deeper into why Pixar is so keen on expanding this franchise. If we measure success in terms of box office numbers, the gross revenue of the Cars series is indeed staggering. The first two movies combined raked in over $1 billion worldwide. With such impeccable commercial success, it's not surprising that Pixar might want to add another installment to the well-loved series.

The Market Perception of Sequels

Creating a sequel is not just about commercial considerations—it is a tricky creative process as well. Pixar is a studio dedicated to creating original and engaging animated movies. Ask any kid on the playground, and they may recite plot lines or list their favorite characters from Toy Story, Finding Nemo or Inside Out. Pixar has always been dedicated to pushing boundaries and exploring new ideas, but at the same time, they understand the value of a good sequel."

In terms of market perception, sequels often generate a buzz that new, stand-alone movies sometimes don't. Sounds counter-intuitive in an era where originality is praised, right? Well, I think even Baxter might agree with me. Sequels hold a sense of familiarity and nostalgia that draws viewers, young and old alike, to the big screen. Much like Baxter and his favorite chew toy, there's comfort in familiarity; as humans, we enjoy revisiting familiar stories and characters."

The Power of Spin-offs and Merchandising

Beyond the movies itself, the Cars universe has given rise to a multitude of spin-offs in the form of games, toys, and even theme park experiences. Speaking from personal experience, it's hard to go on a shopping trip without my spouse, Amara, buying at least one Lightning McQueen-themed item. One can say, it's not about the destination, it's about the ride!”

What's important here is that Pixar brilliantly capitalizes on this universe in their merchandise. All you have to do is browse a toy aisle, and you'll find rows upon rows of Cars action figures, poster books, and apparel. It's an ingenious business strategy which expands their reach beyond the theatre, into our homes, and lives."

The Appealing Anthropomorphism

Think about it. Cars are an ingrained part of our daily lives, they are perhaps one of the most recognized and utilized pieces of machinery invented. When Pixar gives them personalities, they bring an otherwise inanimate object to life. It's a kind of anthropomorphism that appeals to all ages while also opening a gateway for funny, heart-warming stories.

Now as much as I love Cars and appreciate the creativity behind it, I would be remiss if I didn't acknowledge the criticisms. Some argue that the Cars franchise deviates from Pixar's usual standards, using the nostalgic appeal of automobiles to cater to mass audiences at the expense of depth and nuance. To them, I say with a smile, well, it's all about the perspective."

The Lure of Nostalgia

Children are naturally drawn to vehicles: cars, trucks, buses—they all hold a sort of primal attraction. And in adults, cars often stir nostalgia. We remember our childhood passions, road trips, or maybe even our first cars (mine was a rusty old van with a mind of its own!). In the Cars series, we see our memories and experiences reflected and it instantly creates a bond, a link straight to our hearts."

So, while the third installment may come under critique from some quarters, rest assured that a vast chunk of us await eagerly. I'm sensing Baxter will also be there by my side on the couch, wagging along. So, let the reels roll and let's meet some new car-acters."

Where Will Cars 3 Drive Us To?

There's a certain level of intrigue when it comes to sequels: Will it live up to its predecessors? How will the characters evolve? Can it deliver something new without losing its original appeal? Well, behold: the Cars series has always been about adventure and exploration, taking us on a journey through breathtaking landscapes and along open highways."

So on the eve of Cars 3, I say this: fasten your seatbelts and fuel up. Let's see where this ride takes us. My best guess would be on a journey straddling the past, the present, the future and maybe even the off-roads of the human (or should I say automobile?) heart! Yes, even into the heart of a blogger in Sydney, his amazing spouse Amara, and their little sidekick, Baxter."